Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Are Detox Clinics And Rehabilitation Centres The Same?

One of the most important things before deciding to quit drug or alcohol is to know where to turn for assistance. Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab clinic or detox centre can change your life forever. Sometimes, patients visiting addiction treatment facilities for the first time may not know what kind of center they need for the stage they’re at; whether to go to a detox centre or rehabilitation centre. So, here is an informative blog post by Serenity Health-the best drug and alcohol rehab in London to make things easier for such patients.

Detox centres and rehabilitation facility aren’t the same. Here’s how:

What Are Detox Clinics?
Detox clinic is the place where the first stage of treatment begins. Before rehabilitation can truly start, it is important for an addict to lose their physical dependency on alcohol. In order to do that, an alcohol addict must get rid of the alcohol which is still in his/her system.
Depending on the extent of addiction, the detox process will vary from 5-7 days. While some addicts can opt for Home detox by staying at their own place during the detox process, there are some patients who need personal assistance during this time, since they might find withdrawal symptoms difficult to deal with.

What is rehabilitation centre?
After drug detox is complete, the patients are transferred to addiction treatment facilities, where patients’ psychological and behavioural problems are addressed that led them alcohol originally. At good rehab clinics like Serenity Health alcohol rehab in UK, patient’s can even find counseling support and various support groups that helps them to keep a sober, stable life.

If you’re an alcohol addict looking to find a way out of addiction or you’re trying to help a loved one get through their addiction, it’s important to find the right alcohol rehab clinics. At Serenity Health, you can find the physical and emotional support you need to win the battle of alcoholism. Schedule an appointment today with the experts at Serenity Health and find a program designed specifically to suit your needs.

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